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Introduction: Structure of Tutorial

Welcome to Learning HTML For Kids. This tutorial attempts to teach the young (10 years old and up) about the markup language HTML. I have tried to present the information in the simplest of terms so that it can be easily digested.

As with most technology today, change happens, even to HTML. Since its inception in 1990, HTML has gone through many revisions. This tutorial demonstrates how to use HTML (version 3.2) using the browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator®. I try to cover some of the changes being made to the mark-up language, specifically in version 4.0. 

To reduce problems created by different platforms (MAC vs. PC) and browsers, I have created links to view all code examples.  If you are going to print out this tutorial to use as a reference tool, I would suggest printing out those links labeled "browser" as well.

I assume that the reader of this tutorial has:

  1. a basic knowledge on how to operate a PC or MAC and
  2. can use a browser.

If you need a browser, please feel free to download one or both of the following:

Microsoft's Internet Explorer
Netscape Navigator

I sincerely hope you enjoy learning about HTML. It's fun.

Best regards,
Jill Jeffers Goodell

Let's begin...

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Table of Contents
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