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Chapter Four

Your first webpage

Using the primary HTML tags, mentioned in Chapter 3, you are now ready to create your first Web page. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1

Open your Text Editor

To find PC Notepad go to:

To find MAC TextEdit go to:

Step 2 

Enter the following code inside the editor:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title> Hello World</title>


<body>Hello world. This is my first web page. How do you like it?.



It should look like this (in Notepad):

Step 3 

Create a folder on your hard drive called HTML. (See Managing Files for help).

Step 4

Save the document as: helloworld.html in the HTML folder. Your file can be saved as either an htm or html file.  I save mine as html files. Whatever you decide, just remember to be consistent.  

Step 5

To preview your new document, go to  the HTML folder and open the helloword.html file.  Your browser should open up and your page will appear. Like this:


You have successfully completed your first web page. It actually doesn’t get any harder than this for your simple, everyday page.

Now let’s learn some more tags.

Chapter 5: Text Formatting

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Your first webpage!