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The Code

Here’s a review of the code we have discussed in this tutorial. Please use it as a reference.

 Chapters 1-6

<DOCTYPE html> (declaration)

<html> </html> (an html file)

<head> </head> (header holds the title and gives info to search engines)

<body></body> (body or content of page)

<h1></h1> (first level heading, largest size to smallest <h6>, can also be used with CSS code)

<p></p> (paragraph)

<br> (line break)

<hr> (horizontal rule)

<ul></ul> (unordered list—no numbers or sequence)

<ol></ol> (ordered list–numbers and sequential)

<li><li> (list nested inside)

Chapters 7-10

<a>…/a> (link tag>

href= (attribute for link tag, inside opening tag)

<img> (empty tag for images)

src= (attribute for image tag–where’s the source file)

alt= (attribute for image tag–alternative text)

height= (attribute for image tag–how tall is it)

width= (attribute for image tag–how wide is it)

<b>...</b> (bold)

<strong>…</strong> (strong )

<i>...</i> (italic format)

<em>…</em> (emphasis)

<small>…</small> (small)

<del>…</del> (strike-out/delete)

Chapters 11-12

style=  attribute using CSS, along with the following:






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Short reference to simple HTML code.