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Review #2

Wow! We’ve covered a lot! Let’s review the new stuff we’ve learned!


To create a hyperlink on your page, you must first  get the URL address with the file name, if needed. It will look something like this:

The syntax: http://www.website.com/filename.com

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. http:// Don’t forget the colon (:) and the two forward slashes (//).
  2. www.website.com/  Again, don’t forget that forward slash.
  3. filename.com  Sometimes you don’t need the file name if you are sending someone to a full site, such as www.pcc.edu.


Attributes give more information to the element so that browser will display it correctly. Attributes always go inside to the opening tag. It has two parts:

The Link Tag <a>…</a>

Wrapped around the attribute and webpage is the link tag: <a>…</a>. It is a container tag so it must have an ending.

A link in action

To create a link on your page, you need the following order:

<a href=”http://www.ns.gove/moru/index.htm”>Mount Rushmore</a>

This translates into: Mount Rushmore


Images follow this format:

Syntax: <img src=”name of image file” width=”size” height=”size” alt=”text of image/>

Remember the following:


Never ever use someone else’s work for your own.

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