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Review #1

It’s time to review what we have learned so far.

Tags and Elements

Angled brackets <> are tags. The letters or words between the angle brackets are called elements.

There are two kinds of tags:

container tags come in sets with a beginning and an end


empty tags stand alone


Primary Tags

All HTML documents should have the primary tags:

<html>…</html> Website must begin and end with this tag.

<head>…</head> This is where you put general info, including the title.

<title>…</title> Make your title descriptive, but not too long.

<body>…</body> The main content of your page goes here.


Headlines come in six sizes: 

<h1> being the largest and <h6> being the smallest.

Spaces between paragraphs.

To create space between paragraphs use the container paragraph tag:


To create a line break use the empty break tag:


Horizontal Rule

To make a line use the empty horizontal rule tag:



Lists are usually numbered or bulleted. HTML lists are nested.

<ol>…</ol> Ordered list tag

<ul>…</ul> Unordered list tag

<li>…</li> Listed items tag

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